Sybertech Waste Reduction

Working Together for a Cleaner & Safer Environment

SYBERTECH was incorporated in 1994 in Vancouver, Canada. At that time our main focus was in the removal disposal and recycling of hazardous waste which we still provide service for today to a large number of hospitals, schools, universities, cities, and industrial clients.

Since 2000, Sybertech has been promoting products designed to reduce operational costs while increasing worker safety, and reducing litter and solving a number of trash related issues for Cities, Counties, State/Provinces, Universities and Schools. We now manufacture our own line of in-ground trash cans called the Millennium series. The work with these products has spread to the sales of cranes for the service of the in-ground trash cans. We also have a dog waste pick up dispensers and biodegradable bags.

In 2002 we started working with the self-watering planter. These planters have reduced water consumption as well as reducing the operational cost of watering daily while providing a superior plant showing. We have now developed our own product line the Millennium series reservoir planters.

In January 2007 we introduced another new product in Canada called the Bulb-eater which is a fluorescent tube crushing machine which crushes and removes the mercury vapour cutting the cost of dealing with whole fluorescent lights. We also have worked on providing recycling for the waste generated and as of June 2009 now offer this complete service.

In 2008 we entered into a new venture and are excited to be able to offer deproteinized latex to the manufacturing industry.

Sybertech has been recognized by a number of user groups and we have been invited to speak at conferences on cutting park/school maintenance operational cost and providing a cleaner more pristine and safer environment for users and workers.

Sybertech is committed to bringing new and innovative technologies to the public and government to reduce expensive operational cost and provide a cleaner, safer environment.

Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd.
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