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Sybertech Waste Reduction
Sybertech Waste Reduction

POLYFLOAT - Need new docking? Do it Right... Once... with Polyfloat!

This popular size, all purpose tilt truck is designed for easy mobility and large capacity. The body is one piece molded medium density polyethylene. Generous contours allow for easy cleaning and excellent impact absorption.



Proven "high-tech", dock flotation breakthrough.

Heat-expanded polystyrene foam... sealed in a rigid, waterproof polyethylene casing... bolts directly to dock framing lumber... to form a truly dependable, maintenance-free, flotation system!

Tough, water-proof outer shell, protects inner foam float from wear and damage.

Polyfloat seals out the problems before they begin.


- Large: 31 ½ x 45 ½ x 25 ¼
- Small: 31 ½ x 45 ½ x 19 ¼

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Sybertech Waste Reduction