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Sybertech Waste Reduction
Sybertech Waste Reduction

Sybertech Waste Reduction is very proud and excited to introduce another "Waste Reduction" product to the consumers of Canada. In this Waste Reduction scenario the patented process Geo-Thermal System is designed to dramatically reduce the electrical requirements required to power up the resistance heaters, or block heaters, that keeps your Stand-by Diesel Generator hot at all times so that it can start instantaneously during a power outage.

In many jurisdictions this is mandated by law, in that not only is power required immediately for Mission Critical power applications, such as in Hospitals for example, which Sybertech is currently focussing on, but all buildings will require the use of at least one functioning elevator to comply with Fire Safety Regulations. The patented process GTS System can heat your Back-up Diesel Generators for 20-25% of your current electricity charges. With Hydro rates rapidly on the increase the GTS system should a serious consideration to your bottom line.

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Sybertech Waste Reduction