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Sybertech Waste Reduction
Sybertech Waste Reduction

Working Together for a Cleaner & Safer Environment

Sybertech was incorporated in Vancouver, BC and has been in business for almost 25 years. We started out in the hazardous waste industry, removing and recycling hazardous waste from a large number of hospitals, schools, cities and industrial clients. Over the years, we have grown and expanded our product lines while always keeping in mind our goals - to promote products designed to reduce operational costs while reducing worker injuries and to contribute to a cleaner, safer environment.

We proudly manufacture two of our main product lines, the Millennium Series In-Ground Trash Cans and the Millennium Series Reservoir Planters & Hanging Baskets, here in British Columbia. Our ability to coordinate easily with our manufacturing plant means that our clients’ needs are always met and our product is reliable and well-made meaning many years of cost/labour saving service.

Another product line that we proudly manufacture in B.C. is our Dog House Stations and Waste Bags. When used in combination with our Millennium Series Trash Systems, this innovative product line will help to keep parks and community spaces healthy and clean while remaining environmentally friendly. This product also helps to reduce risks to staff due to weight lifting and contact with dog waste.

Our sales team travels throughout North America, attending trade shows & conventions and meeting with potential clients to discuss how we can add our Sybertech products to their plans - whether that be a street rejuvenation project or a community garden initiative. Check out our Reservoir Planters page to see how our planters are being used in bike lane projects, crosswalk applications and school gardening programs. Our In-Ground Trash Cans are the perfect solution to a number of trash-related issues and also greatly reduce operational costs. We also sell BigMax Cranes to service our in-ground trash cans, which help to reduce possible staff injuries.

We are also the Canadian Rep for Aircycle / Terracycle and the new Bulb Eater® 3 & the Bulb Eater® 3L with Intelli Technology which is a fluorescent tube crushing machine. This machine safely crushes the tubes and removes the mercury vapour, drastically cutting the costs of dealing with these fluorescent lights. We also provide a complete service of recycling the waste generated from the Bulb-eater. Contact us today to learn more.

Sybertech is committed to bringing new and innovative technologies to the public and government to reduce expensive operational cost and provide a cleaner, safer environment.

Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd.
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