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Sybertech Waste Reduction
Sybertech Waste Reduction

1. What is HyGenikx?
HyGenikx is an advanced and compact, wall mounted air and surface sanitization system, proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the food service & hospitality environment.

2. How does it work?
Utilizing a combination of the most effective air and surface sanitization technologies available, HyGenikx provides round-the-clock hygiene and safety protection, controls odors and has also significantly been proven to prolong the life of fresh perishable foods.

3. Is it safe to use?
Yes, HyGenikx units are safe to use and safe for the environment.

4. Does it reduce food spoilage?
Yes, the HyGenikx units are proven to reduce spoilage by extending the shelf-life of perishable food on average by 58%, and up 150% for certain produce.

5. Does it require a lot of maintenance?
No, the HyGenikx unit is very easy to maintain and requires no onsite engineer.

6. How do I know the HyGenikx unit is working?
Firstly, the green cross light indicator will be illuminated on the front of the unit to show the product is operating. After 12 months of use the built-in warning system will tell you when the lamp (and battery) requires replacement to ensure peak efficiency. There will be a definite change in the environmental air quality. Internal environments that have a usual lingering background odor, whether from cooking/food, body odor, cleaning products, waste material, or a combination of these, will smell noticeably fresher. This change will be most obvious at the start of a working day, clearly demonstrating the unit is working. Areas where it is easier to monitor performance are those with obvious odor issues, such as a washroom, changing room or bin store. Here, odors will be significantly reduced or eliminated completely.

7. How are your products different to fragrance units?
They go far beyond odor control. Rather than masking odors they remove smells by targeting the root cause, which is usually microorganisms.

8. What do they smell like? Is there a fragrance?
The absence of unpleasant background odors is usually the first thing customers notice. The 'smell' is described as "clean and fresh" and has often been likened to mountain air. No masking fragrances are used. Note: Within the first 48 hours of use it is not unusual for the unit to produce a slightly metallic odor, this is caused by the lamp bedding in. This should dissipate within 48 hours.

9. In addition to odors, what are the microorganisms that are reduced by this technology?
Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Fungi. Multiple independent tests demonstrate the efficacy against the most prevalent of these including Listeria, E coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermis, Aspergillus fumigatus, MS-2 Coliphage, MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

10. Does air need to pass through a unit to be sanitized?
No, our technology uses both internal and external processes so although contaminates passing through the unit will be sanitized, it also produces cleaning air which circulates throughout. This is why HyGenikx can cover such a large area. (Dual wave models only)

11. Will units reduce bacteria on walls and surfaces or just in the air?
Cleaning air from the unit will target and reduce all contamination wherever the ‘clean’ air can reach. Test results show substantial reduction in both air and surface contamination in relatively short periods of time. (Dual wave models only)

12. How would you explain your technology in simple terms?
The specialist Germicidal UV lamp combined with Titanium Dioxide catalyst cleaning plates reduce any odors and harmful microorganisms drawn into the unit. The lamp also produces a purifying plasma (Plasma Quatro), which convects from the unit and circulates around the room sanitizing the air and surfaces. Part of the process also has an ionizing effect, which will reduce the amount of airborne dust and debris. For a more detailed explanation please see the Questions and Answers section in our Installation & Operating Manual. (Dual wave models only)

13. The unit produces ozone. Is this dangerous?
Whilst HyGenikx is not an ozone generator, a very small volume of ozone is released as a by-product of the combination of technologies used. This unique combination of technologies is guaranteed to both achieve results and be completely safe in operation. In every case the ozone levels present fall well below the lowest international safety levels worldwide (World Health Organization - 0.05ppm), as stipulated by EUOTA. This has been verified for all unit variations with independent laboratory testing carried out by “Odournet”. We all breathe ozone, every day of our life, in fact what we perceive to be fresh air is approximately 0.013ppm of ozone. There has never been a known proven health issue from any HyGenikx UV devices that produces trace ozone. Other devices that use a ceramic disc and electrical charge system [Corona discharge] known as Ozone Generators can produce massive amounts of ozone also produce nitrous oxide another greenhouse gas. HyGenikx is not an ozone generator and the UV catalytic reaction does not produce these gases. Ozone produced by UV is often referred to as ‘Clean Ozone’. (Dual wave models only)

14. How do you install a unit?
Units must always be vertically installed with the logo and cable at the top of the unit. The bottom of the unit should be at a minimum height of 1.8m AFFL. Air is circulated throughout the area via thermal convection and incorrect installation will reduce performance.

15. Where do you install a unit?
Locating the unit close to extraction systems or open windows will vastly reduce performance as sanitizing air will be prevented from circulating correctly. Always be conscious of movement of air throughout the room. Location close to incoming ventilation (air input) will assist air from the unit in circulating throughout the environment. Avoid installing directly within a cooking zone where levels of heat and grease are elevated. In areas of lower air circulation, installing the unit as close as is practical to the strong odor, or contamination source, is recommended (i.e. next to food storage in cold store, above preparation areas in kitchen, next to urinals or toilets in a washroom or above locker areas in changing room). Air from the unit will disperse throughout, but this allows the key areas to be treated first.

16. Why are there different unit variations and lamp options?
One size does not fit all. We supply several product variations to ensure the best results in each environment and area size (a washroom presents a very different challenge to a cold store). Anything in a food environment must be "food safe" so units for these areas have a specialist food safe sheath for the lamp. Different units are set up for different environments and their anticipated bacteria levels and outputs vary. It is important to understand that units need to be suitably sized to ensure correct operation.

17. What do the numbers and codes refer to on the unit?
Generally the numbers show the square meterage the unit is set up for, (Length by Width). We do not measure height as the purifying air will fall to ground level where the highest contamination is present). We always recommend rounding up rather than rounding down.

"W" or "T" is simply a color choice option our White or Titanium finish to best suite your decoration.

"F" indicates a product suitable for a food safe environment as the lamp is sheathed (shatterproof).

"S" is a standard general use product suitable for most areas including Washrooms and Changing rooms. Standard lamps are not shatterproof.

"R" is refuse, a higher output variation for areas with strong odors where people are not continuously working (FOR NON-OCCUPIED AREAS ONLY). – THE "R" MODEL IS PENDING CSA APPROVAL

18. How often do the battery and lamp need to be changed?
Lamp and battery should be replaced every 12 months. The unit has a reminder system built-in with a flashing indicator followed by an audible alarm to ensure this does not get missed.

19. How will I know when the lamp and battery need changing?
The HyGenikx unit is fitted with an LED light on the front and an alarm. The LED light will begin to flash for 7 days before the alarm will sound.

20. How often will the alarm sound?
On days 1-7 the alarm will sound every hour. On days 8-14 the alarm will sound every 30 minutes. After 15 days + the alarm will sound every 15 minutes until the lamp has been replaced


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