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Sybertech Waste Reduction
Sybertech Waste Reduction

A Trash Can for the Next Generation

For all those who must regularly service both high volume parks as well as remote parks, there is now an idea worth looking into. Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd. introduces the Millennium Series In-ground Waste System.

The Millennium waste management system consists of impermeable cylinders of plastic planted into the ground. Above ground these look like regular trash cans. Inside the cylinder is a single, large, thick plastic bag supported in a lifting harness. Each unit has a capacity far greater then a regular can. 3-4 cubic yards of self-compacting trash. Due to this capacity, less frequent emptying is required as well as solving a number of trash related issues.

In Ground Trash Systems & Recycling Containers

Parks Make Life Better

Huge cost savings

• Huge Operational Cost-Savings of up to 72%

• Less frequent pick-up allowing redeployment of staff time

• Emptied with equipment reducing possible staff injuries from lifting, sharp objects and contact with trash

• One piece plastic construction, rust and decay free no leachate in or out

• Self compacts for larger holding capacity reducing litter and overflow of trash cans

• Cooled by the ground naturally

• Anchor flange provides stability in frost and high ground water conditions

• No smell of trash to attract animals, birds and insects

• Below ground, built-in odor suppressing design

• Less residential waste going in

• Not disturbed from wind or vandals (no way to get loose)

• Once trash is in the can, it STAYS IN THE CAN

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features of the Millennium Series