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Sybertech Waste Reduction
Sybertech Waste Reduction

Bear Resistant Animal Certified Container - Millennium 4000 Specifications

Sybertech Millennium 4000 In-Ground Trash Container




• Certified as “Bear Resistant” by the North American Bear Resistant Products Testing Program by withstanding over 60 minutes of black bear contact – click here

• New Dual-keyed locking system - anti-tamper proof design - click here, & here

• New animal proof door opening - click here, here, & here

New Moulded skirts

• Millennium 4000 Upgrade kit available soon to upgrade Millennium 3000 cans

• Trash is not disturbed by animals, wind or vandals (no way for trash to get loose) which reduces surface litter

• Once trash is in the can, it STAYS IN THE CAN

• 300 gallon capacity

• 8 foot tall, 30 inch diameter cylinder buried into the ground 5 feet

• One piece polyethylene container – no leach in or out

• Container has odor flange

• Support rack with web straps for lifting 10 foot waste bag

• Uses 10 foot waste bag 6mm – 1 use only

• Steel / poly skirt optional

• All stainless steel hardware. Standard colors and stone finishes available. Custom colors upon request

• Container has a bottom flange underground to assist with holding the one piece constructed container in ground, in frost and high water conditions

Huge cost savings