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Sybertech Waste Reduction
Sybertech Waste Reduction

Instructions. Sybertech will include an instruction sheet with all of your planter purchases Click Here. Below are a few highlights to help you get started.

Growing medium. In conversations with Horticulturists in several Cities around North America, a general understanding has been arrived at for the optimum soil composition. DO NOT use a conventional lighter potting soil commonly used by homeowners. This soil is too light and airy and will not allow effective wicking action. Use a high quality Pro style soil mixture and introduce some organic material such as compost into the soil.

Rockwool wicking material. This is a highly absorbent material that allows the water to be gradually drawn up from the bottom of the water reservoir, through the Filter Columns and into the soil enveloping the roots of your plants. This process allows your plants to only take on moisture and nourishment only as required. This promotes a vibrant and healthy show of color without stressing your plants. You can purchase new Rockwool wicking material from directly from Sybertech - Click Here

Hanging basket filler tubes. These tubes have been doubled in length to help assist with the ease of watering the baskets as your growing season progresses. They are telescopic and can be shortened or lengthened as required for your particular display. The tubes are aligned adjacent to one of the support chains so that they can be zap strapped or otherwise be affixed to the location that works best for you. A gooseneck, telescoping narrow ended watering wand works best for filling the water reservoir through the filler tube.

Nutrients. Liquid or water soluble nutrients can be added to the reservoir in all Sybertech self-watering planters and hanging baskets to further optimize the lush growth of your floral display.

Initial Planting. When your planter is first filled with soil and plants, top water the plants to moisten the soil and provide initial moisture for the plants. Fill up the reservoir until you notice water weeping out of the drain hole. This indicates that the reservoir is full. Top water a couple of times to drive the roots down in search of water. After the plants are established, you can rely on nourishment and moisture being supplied by the water reservoir only.

Winter Conditions. If you are in a climate where you need to move or remove the planters for snow removal, ALL Sybertech ground level planters have lifting slots built into the base of the planter that easily allows you to relocate the planters. As the walls of the planters are hollow, it is not necessary to drain the planters as any ice that forms will expand up the hollow walls. If water removal is necessary to move the planters,the water can be siphoned out of the reservoir or a small bilge pump or mechanical pump can be used to remove the water.