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Sybertech Waste Reduction
Sybertech Waste Reduction

Vytex Natural Rubber Latex (NRL). The Future of Latex.

Vytex™ Natural Rubber Latex (NRL). The Future of Latex.

Commercially available, Vytex NRL is a revolutionary new raw material that can be used in a wide array of product applications. It establishes a new standard for of natural rubber latex that has significantly reduced levels antigenic protein.

Vytex NRL is produced through a novel, patented process that uses aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH) 3), a well known protein binding additive, to complex and remove the antigenic proteins in the liquid phase prior to dipping and compounding. Since the non-rubber substances are removed during this process, products made from Vytex NRL retain the positive attributes of natural rubber latex. Tests frequently indicate that Vytex NRL products demonstrate better resistance to aging when compared to products made from Hevea natural rubber latex with natural rubber latex.

The Best of Latex — With Reduced Antigenic Proteins.

• Vytex NRL can replace traditional natural rubber latex in virtually any manufacturing environment.

• Vytex NRL retains the desired characteristics of natural rubber latex and is considered safe for use by individuals who are not natural rubber latex sensitive.

• Vytex NRL can be adopted as a standard NRL source material due to its low antigenic proteins and the reduced probability of developing latex allergies in non-sensitized individuals.

• In the health care arena, the cost of gloves made of Vytex NRL raw material will be in line with that of traditional latex surgical glove raw material and substantially less costly than most synthetic surgical gloves.

• It is anticipated that manufacturing costs will be positively impacted due to a reduced need for post treatment - such as excessive washing, chlorination and leaching - of latex products to reduce proteins.

Sybertech Waste Reduction